• The Alexo-Dundonald Project consists of the Alexo, Kelex, Dundonald South & Dundeal Nickel deposits.
  • 92 granted exploration licences covering 19km2.
  • Previous production of 81,981 tonnes @ 2.44% Ni.
  • Alexo & Kelex: Current JORC exploration target 530,000 – 630,000 tonnes at 1.0 – 3.2% Ni.
  • Dundonald South: High Grade Pod of 115,000 – 140,000 @ 3.1 – 3.2% Ni.
  • Updated JORC Mineral Resource Estimate underway through CSA Global.
  • EM survey will assist in generating targets for drilling outside of the known mineralisation zones.
  • Never subjected to modern ground EM survey techniques.
  • Open below 200m depth beneath current deposits.
  • Remainder of property beneath cover never EM surveyed with modern airborne EM systems

The Alexo-Dundonald Nickel Sulphide Mine – Timmins Ontario



Zone A – 1.1 meters at 18.7% Ni, 3.0 meters at 11.2% Ni, 5.7meters at 7.6% Ni from, 4.85 meters 5.9% Ni and 3.6 meters at 5.9% Ni, with PGE values of 1.6 to 2.4 grams per tonne.
Zone B – 1.3 meters at 6.17% Ni, 3.1 metres at 5.68% Ni and 15.2 metres at 5.26% Ni.

Zone C – was traced for 200 m and contains two shallow westerly plunging high grade nickel shoots that returned drill intercepts of 1.6 meters at 8.46% Ni, 1.5 meters at 6.03% Ni and 4.0 meters at 2.37% Ni.
 A selected Hucamp Mines surface grab sample of the mineralization returned 34.82% Ni, 0.30% Cobalt, 3.7 g/t Platinum, 5.8 g/t Palladium.


​First Nickel Inc. conducted exploration work on the property from July 1, 2004 to November 30, 2005. The exploration work consisted of diamond drilling (178 holes totaling 30,452.5 metres), borehole geophysics, geological mapping, ground geophysical surveys, minor surface mechanical stripping and environmental work. The drilling outlined eight east-west nickel-bearing sulphide zones, (A to H), in the Dundonald South area. The G zone was traced for a strike length of 600 m and is open to the east.

It contains four westerly plunging high grade nickel shoots that are open to depth. G zone high grade drill intersections included; 18.7% Ni/1.1 m, 11.2% Ni/ 3.0 m, 7.6% Ni/5.7 m, 5.9% Ni/4.85 m and 5.9% Ni/3.6 m with PGE values of 1.6 to 2.4 grams per tonne.

A second encouraging zone was the A zone where a vertical high grade nickel shoot open below 260 m was outlined. Intercepts included 6.17% Ni/1.3 m, 5.68% Ni/3.1 m and 5.26% Ni/15.2 m. Another prospective zone is the F zone which was traced for 200 m and contains two shallow westerly plunging high grade nickel shoots that returned drill intercepts of 8.46% Ni/1.6 m, 6.03% Ni/1.5 m and 2.37% Ni/4.0 m.

The 2004-2005 First Nickel exploration program outlined an inferred mineral resource of 116,000 tonnes grading 3.16% Ni in the Dundonald South nickel zones. The majority of the resource is situated between vertical depths of 50 to 150 m and is open to depth. Falconbridge estimated in 1966 that a portion of the Dundonald South zone, as it was then known, contained an “undiluted ore reserve” of 140,650 tons grading 2.73% Ni, 0.11% Cu (Kilburn, 1966). In 1990, Coutts (1991) estimated the “mineral inventory” of the Dundonald

In 2000, Falconbridge optioned the property to Hucamp Mines Ltd. In addition to nickel, the potential for bulk tonnage PGE deposits in the Dundonald Sill was of considerable interest to Hucamp at the time given the prevailing strong PGE prices. Four areas were stripped of overburden by Hucamp during the summer and fall of 2000. These areas included the eastern extension of the Dundonald Beach high grade nickel lens; the “Casey’s PGE Showing” area; the Dundeal nickel zone, and the Hucamp-discovered ”Mighty” PGE Showing area. All areas were mapped and channel sampled by qualified geologists and technicians. Three trenches were blasted into the Dundonald Beach showing exposing fresh, high grade Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide mineralization.

A selected Hucamp Mines sample of the mineralization returned 34.82% Ni, 0.30% Co, 3.7 g/t Pt, 5.8 g/t Pd, 0.90 g/t Au, 0.44 g/t Os, 0.47 g/t Ir, 0.84 g/t Rh and 2.4 g/t Ru.

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